Not only does Milton know design, he makes it his business to know everyone who comes in to Interiors Market, making sure everyone is included in the community he’s built around him. He is an incredible resource to anyone who walks through our doors, and is truly passionate about helping everyone find the perfect piece.

Clients and designers alike can count on Milton to give an informed and honest opinion on any piece they have questions about. This knowledge paired with his love for taking care of others makes the hunt for the perfect item fun and accessible to everyone. It’s rare to meet someone so knowledgeable and experienced who is also so unpretentious and welcoming. Milton’s warm presence, obvious love for what he does, and sense of humor is the heart and soul of Interiors Market.

Q1: Was there a particular moment when you knew you wanted to make a career out of interior design?

Q2: You grew up in Washington, Georgia. What was the biggest adjustment in moving from a small town to a big, rapidly growing city like Atlanta? 

Q3: What design styles do you find yourself using in your own spaces most often?
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Q4: I.M. has gone through a huge transformation under your leadership. Do you have a specific vision for what you would want the business to look like in the next 10 years?
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Q5: Let's say you never entered the field of interior design. Is there another career could you envision yourself happily ending up in?


Q6: Favorite piece of random trivia?